Fbi vcf

Thank you for the opportunity to appear this afternoon and address concerns relating to the fbi's virtual case file system, or vcf as you know. What were the real reasons why the virtual case file management system failed what were some points of misalignment between the information systems strategy and the fbi organization if you were the director of the fbi, what would you do how would organizations such as wikileaks influence your. Footnotes although fbi documents and reports to congress have continuously referred to the uac as the third component of trilogy, fbi officials in commenting on a draft of this report told us that after september 11, 2001, the vcf replaced the uac.

Between 2001 and 2005, the fbi's virtual case file project failed the virtual case file project was part of a larger initiative called trilogy costs overran by 89% or just over $200m. Following entry is a record in the “catalogue of catastrophe” - a list of failed and troubled projects from around the world federal bureau of investigations (fbi) - usa project : virtual case file - project trilogy date : apr 2005 cost : $170m usd synopsis : ambitious program to replace paper based repo.

The fbi says it will award a contract for the development of ficms next month if it does, then the fbi will likely abandon vcf after the fact.

Fbi vcf

  • As far as zalmai azmi was concerned, the fbi's technological revolution was only weeks away it was late 2003, and a contractor, science applications international corp (saic), had spent months writing 730,000 lines of computer code for the virtual case file (vcf), a networked system for tracking.

Who killed the virtual case file how the fbi blew more than $100 million on case-management software it will never use.

fbi vcf Report: fbi wasted millions on 'virtual case file' mueller says he'll decide on software within two months from terry frieden cnn washington bureau.
Fbi vcf
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